What is the Spring Green Home Tour?

For 2020, the tour is VIRTUAL! The Spring Green Home Tour is an annual open house of NEW homes (and newly remodeled homes) that have been designed and are being built and green certified. The tour provides an incredible opportunity for potential homebuyers, or homeowners who are considering building or remodeling, to tour a variety of homes and learn more about what it means to be “green built and certified”.

Green Building is a whole house approach to new home and remodeling construction that must meet certain standards as defined by NGBS in six different major categories including: site & lot design and development, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environment & air quality, and the homeowner’s education about the operation of the home and features. In each of these categories our builders must meet certain mandatory requirements and then select from a multitude of additional options to achieve a certain baseline of points in order to qualify the home or remodel project as Green Built. This is not just a matter of simply meeting building and energy codes, or doing just a few “green” features, but rather it is a comprehensive and systematic approach to ensure that the “whole house” is Green Built.

What is the cost to tour homes on the Spring Green Home Tour?

The tour is free. 

Where can I find a Tour Book or information online?

The 2020 Tour is completely VIRTUAL. There will be an online tour guide at www.SpringGreenHomeTour.com with links to 3D tours of many of the entries.

Visit www.SpringGreenHomeTour.com a few days before the tour and you will find info. on all the homes as well as a link to the online tour guide. The Tour also has a Facebook page.

How often does the Spring Green Home Tour occur?

The Spring Green Home Tour is held every Spring, usually in late April/early May.

I have questions for a Builder. How do I get in touch with them?

Contact information is listed for each home on the tour in the online tour guide. Additionally, many of the builders are planning to be available on Facebook and other platforms to answer questions. Visit the Spring Green Home Tour Facebook page for more info.

The Spring Green Home Tour is an event of the Home Builders Associations of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties AND Raleigh/Wake County. For more information, email julie@hbadoc.com or call 919-493-8899.

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