35.720265 , -79.176959
Virtual Tour Only, Chatham County, NC 27705

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County: Chatham

Number of Bathrooms: 1

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Square Footage: 1,200 sq. ft.


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Due to COVID-19, this is a virtual tour only.

EcoSelect, HERS Rating: 23

  • Straw bale construction (super insulated wall system); locally sourced bales and site-sourced earthen plaster
  • Hydronic radiant heated slab floor
  • Solar thermal collectors for domestic hot water (and radiant floor heat)
  • 1.6kW Solar Array with (8) 300Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries provide all the power for this home
  • Rainwater harvesting system: gravity fed system uses a biological slow sand filter and 10,000 gallon cistern for all domestic water.
  • Locally sourced timbers for post and beam framing, custom cabinetry, furniture, interior doors
  • All LED lighting, super-efficient ceiling fans (highest CFM/watt available), Energy Star Washer, ultra efficient SunFrost refrigerator.
  • Wood cook stove allows occupants to cook food and heat the home with scrap wood
  • Passive solar orientation with Clerestory windows for optimum winter heating and natural daylighting to minimize the need for electrical lighting
  • Attached Greenhouse for starting food and medicinal plants in the gardens in front of home. Greenhouse also allows space for line- and rack-drying clothes
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